Since 1988.

Help with getting out of

Addiction, crime & life crises!


Why can you buy tea from us? And what is so special about our tea?

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About us

We introduce ourselves

As a non-profit association, ZESO Life has existed since 1988 and was previously known as Gefährdetenhilfe Bad Eilsen.

However, the roots of our work go back even further into the past.

Contacts & Locations

Bad Eilsen (main office)

Arensburger Str. 9-9c
31707 Bad Eilsen

Leopoldshöhe (Helpup)

Mühlenstr. 59
33818 Leopoldshöhe


Nederlandpark 5
32825 Blomberg

Cooperations & Memberships

We have a new name!

Until now you knew us under the name “Gefährdetenhilfe Bad Eilsen e. V.”. Why we changed our name and what we are called now, you can find out here.