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By notice dated 22.03.2022 under tax no. 44/200/58543, Gefährdetenhilfe Bad Eilsen e.V. is recognized by the Stadthagen tax office as serving exclusively and directly tax-privileged, charitable purposes within the meaning of §§ 51 ff. AO recognized.

Pursuant to Section 10 b (1) of the German Income Tax Act, a total of 20% of the total amount of income is tax-deductible as special expenses. When making donations, please note your full name and address in the reason for payment so that we can send you a donation receipt.

In individual cases, it may happen that the donation target for a
certain project has already been fulfilled or a project is no longer
is up to date. In this case, we would like to point out that your earmarked donation can also be used for another project, which in any case corresponds to the statutory purpose of Gefährdetenhilfe Bad Eilsen e.V..

ZESO Life e. V.
Arensburger Straße 9 – 9 c – 31707 Bad Eilsen
Tel.: 05722 / 81422 – Fax: 05722 / 85023

E-mail: [email protected]
Account: Sparkasse Schaumburg
IBAN: DE 57 255 514 8 0 0341 482 529

For donations, please provide address!

We have a new name!

Until now you knew us under the name “Gefährdetenhilfe Bad Eilsen e. V.”. Why we changed our name and what we are called now, you can find out here.