News about our Georgia project

The vision

Gefährdetenhilfe Bad Eilsen would like to establish a branch in Georgia – and you can be part of it!

With your support, we want to offer a place of hope: a home where people learn to live without addiction and take responsibility for themselves.

The beginning has already been made
A plot of land has been acquired, the architect has drawn up the plans. Now we are just waiting for the final building permit. And then the work can begin.

If you are interested in helping out with a build, contact [email protected].

Weitere News

Why a new name?

On February 1, 1988, the association “Gefährdetenhilfe e. V.” is founded in its first general meeting. Shortly thereafter, the entry in the register of associations

We have a new name!

Until now you knew us under the name “Gefährdetenhilfe Bad Eilsen e. V.”. Why we changed our name and what we are called now, you can find out here.