In the next lines you will learn under which conditions it is possible to move into a shared apartment at Zeso Life.

One thing is of particular importance: The most important prerequisite is that you are willing to work on your life. If this is the case, moving into a shared apartment can be the beginning of a new life. And we want to support you in this.

Admission requirements

  1. release from prison and/or addictions of any kind and/or other acute life problems
  2. personal interview (in exceptional cases also by telephone)
  3. Men from 18-40 years (exceptions possible)
  4. In the case of acute substance-related addiction problems, inpatient detoxification must have been successfully completed immediately prior to moving in.
  • A cost commitment is not necessary!
  • If you decide to move in with us, your residence will also be registered with us. Thus, you will receive ALG-II or ALG-I from the local JobCenter or Labor Office. From these funds you will pay a contribution for rent and food. The cost of rent and food is currently € 450.00.
  • The rest of the money is available as pocket money after consultation with your housemaster or is used for possible debt settlement.
  • During your stay we will set up an escrow account for you. You have access to the account at any time, but you are not allowed to dispose of it freely. Cash will not be available to you at first.

We recommend a minimum stay of 12 months. Depending on the needs, the stay can also be extended.

  • During the entire therapy period there is an absolute ban on nicotine and alcohol.
  • You will be accommodated in a double room.
  • When you move in, you have to hand in your cell phone and other technical devices (e.g. MP3 player, laptop, console, TV) for a period of 9 months.
  • There is a contact ban for the first three months (exceptions for parents, spouses and children).

More infos

You can find more information here.

Contact details for accommodation

Viktor Brakowski, accommodation manager





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